Terry Marcus

I founded the Woofdorf-Astoria and opened our doors to the public on November 6, 2006. I have eight rescue dogs of our own and needed a place to board them when I was away. All I could find were caged kennels and that was not what I wanted for our dogs. So, I decided to create our own affordable, luxury hotel for dogs. No cages or kennels, all day play for boarders and day care dogs, onsite staff 24/7 even on holidays and weekends. My facility includes a 6,500 square foot rubber floored playroom, an acre-and-half fenced dog park and even big screen TV for the dogs to view when they are dog tired. You can even see your dog from anywhere in the world over the Internet Live Doggie Cam we created. We have grown from just four employees to a staff of more than 24. I hope to welcome you to the Woofdorf-Astoria soon.

Sam Kupper

Sam Kupper

You can find me managing dogs and handlers in our large playroom, outside in our dog park or in the front office working with our customers and our guests. I am the volunteers coordinator for HOPE Safehouse, a no kill shelter for dogs in the Racine area. I have had many rescue dogs around me as long as I can remember and always have at least three or four at my home. I have been with the Woofdorf-Astoria for more than four years and love my job and our guests.

Angie Przyzycki

Angie Przyzycki

You can call me Angie or "Mama Daycare." I have more than 20 years experience managing large groups of dogs and training service dogs. I have been with the Woofdorf-Astoria for more than four years and am one of its two managers. I grew up with dogs and treat every one of our guests as if they were my own. I know nearly all of our guests by name and love being with them.

Senior Staff

Jeff Myhre

I have been at the Woofdorf-Astoria for more than three years. I would say it is where I work but when you enjoy what you do as much as I do you can hardly call it work. I have trained rescue animals for domestic animal shows and trained and handled small to large exotic animals for more than 8 years. I have extensive training and experience managing large groups of dogs and ensure that we provide the luxury care and service our guests deserve.

Becky Buscemi

I have been a senior handler at the Woofdorf-Astoria for more than a year and manage our guests and handlers. I have more than five years experience managing dogs and love each of our guests. Knowing their habits, likes and dislikes makes it fun to take care of them.

Dana Allen

I am a senior dog handler and have been at the Wooforf-Astoria for more than four years. In addition to my previous dog care experience I began on our overnight shift, was promoted to day handler and then again to senior handler. I enjoy caring for our guests and making sure our owners have real peace of mind.