Doggie Cam


  • doggie Cam requires Internet Explorer
  • click on the picture below (will open a new window)
  • DoggieCam will request a user ID and password
  • please use: woofdorf for the username and password
  • you can select the area you want to view using the pulldown menu
  • please be patient. It may take a minute to load.
  • First Time Only: You may be asked to download - when prompted to accept this add-on please accept (you may be asked twice)
  • When the viewer appears you can select the number of screens you want visible by selecting 1, 4 or 9 on the left-side menu
  • To pick a single room, use the numbers 1 - 5 at the bottom of the left-side menu (1-Large Playroom, 2- Outside Play Area I, 3- Outside Play Area II, 4- Smallville, 5- Suites

Doggie Cam Link

doggie cam

Click on the picture to view the webcam.